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Matthew Palentchar on Real Estate Law

January 18, 2019

Matt Palentchar

Soon after he received his law degree from Ohio Northern University Law School and moved to Florida to pass the bar, Matt Palentchar hit the ground running. He began his legal career with a general practice law firm in Naples, Florida, where he dabbled in real estate, estate planning, civil, criminal and business law, among others. Tired of the law firm grind soon, however, Matt Palentchar soon went off on his own the following year and formed Matthew G. Palentchar, Esq., P.A., which he ran until 2010.

Unfortunately, that was when a series of personal issues and a life threatening illness sidelined him and forced him to leave Florida for a time. It’s a good thing Matt is tough, though, or a lot of Florida real estate investors and others might not have the use of his services. He soon got well and returned to Florida, in St. Petersburg, where he now practices in real estate and lives with his beautiful wife Heather and their two dogs. Matt Palentchar’s life story shows some difficulties, but it also features quite a good record as a real estate attorney.